Future Past ...

... explores the current global propaganda of hatred, fear, exclusion, oppression, sold to us as a means of protection and necessity to ensure safety. But isn't this just a disguise by those who want to reclaim power and control. Are these promises realistic or just leading to the loss of hard fought for democratic rights of freedom and equality?  

Maybe because I am German born and raised, I can’t help but seeing parallels to the propaganda that started the nationalist movement in the 1930ies in Europe which led to World War II and left the world trapped in a totalitarian system.

My project ‘Future Past’ explores what a world would feel like and look like should we agree to go down that way and chose hostility over compassion. We would end up living in a grid of borders and boundaries where the sweet promise of safety and security has become our own home made prison and has eliminated diversity and uniqueness.

Hiding behind fences

Building walls

Following those who promise

To lead us back into the future

The promise of a future that has long past

The promise of a dream that has long died

A promise that we hold onto as if for dear life

Conquer - Repeat

Time and space are different

Yet sentiment and notions the same

Fear takes over reasoning

Opinion replaces fact

Science becomes theory

Time warps and the future becomes the past

Now and then

A stand-off


Us versus them

Surveillance in the name of security

Control in the name of safety

Hate in the name of God

A saviour who comes to rescue

An illusion of a better place

A self-made nightmare

A monster that eats itself

...but do we care?

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