Reality TV

Instagram, Facebook, Smart Phones, Tablets, TV’s; screens are all around us every day, and render our world in pixels. They glimmer and flicker with truthful colour rendition and high definition resolution; they show us the world in more detail than our own eye could. Landscapes drowned in filters, contrast and saturation. Yet, what is it that we are actually looking at?

Reality TV is a photographic installation asking the viewer to contemplate how our perception of the world has changed since the analogue TV moving on to the HD Flat-screen TV's and now into the unplugged virtual world of internet broadcasting. Is this technological progress altering how we perceive reality and have our expectations of the world as we see it with our own eyes changed? In a time where virtual is the new reality we are yet to discover if and how this next ‘progress’will forever alter human perception of reality; whether being disconnected is the new connection.

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