Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.

This folio reflects a personal journey through the experience of ongoing physical pain and the uncertainty of a diagnosis or treatment for a condition that to this date has no name. My aim is to communicate emotional expressions of suffering and the darkness that we experience when unforeseen circumstances interrupt the life we thought we’dlive. Fear, confusion, disillusion, loss of control, the urge to hide are all natural and necessary reactions on the journey to reach new and higher grounds.

Most of us will be confronted with an unwanted, threatening experience at some point in our lives; something that wasn’t supposed to happen, yet did. These experiences confront with a different kind of reality and put in question the way we see our self and the world that surrounds us.  While I was going through this experience I felt the need to surrender myself to the emotions I experienced and I used my photography as an outlet for the things that were too difficult or hurtful to talk about. Aligned with my personal journey this work extends to show a general expression of vulnerability and the strength that lies within being and showing vulnerability.

By portraying the beauty in darkness my work hopes to evoke a curiosity in the viewer to explore and remain with the, at times, uncomfortable subject matter.

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